Testimonials from past participants:

Jordan W.“There is no way that you could emulate this trip at any other times in our lives. This is the time”

Zoe W. – “It was very weird being there, especially being at the concentration camps, walking on the same floors the Nazis walked on, being in the living quarters of the Jews and then seeing the gas chambers and crematorium. It was all very emotional. People at school and at the synagogue had told me this was a life-changing trip, and now I know what they meant. For years, I’ve learned about the Holocaust, seen the Holocaust movies and heard Holocaust survivors talk — but images from this trip will stay with me a long time. I am so grateful I was able to go.”

Nadav D. – “We arrived in Poland on a dark, rainy day, the next few days, it was shocking to see the ghettos, the camps and the memorials, and it was sad to see where so much Jewish history and culture was destroyed so quickly. When we came out of the gas chambers, our group stood in a circle, crying. We talked about how important it was to experience this, so we could tell people how important it is to remember. I think all Jews should have this experience.”

Gavriela F. – “It’s like being at a funeral … We were mourning for the people who were destroyed there, people who had once thrived. The day of the march, however, was not mournful. It was really cool to be in the first group, to lead the march. It felt like we were defying Hitler’s goals — because we’re still here.”

David B. – “We were marching into the future together, keeping the memories alive”

Zander R. – ” The many know few and the few know a lot, but at least everyone knows what happened here.”

Briana I. – “Walking into Birkenau, you hear and feel the screams of millions of dead people within your heart.”

Bailey B. – “You never really understand anything until you have walked in the other person’s shoes.”

Remy S. – “The proudest moment as a young Jew, besides my Bat Mitzvah, that is, has been walking and participating in The March of the Living. As one of the liberators stated: You must go home and share what you have witnessed; never hate… That is what led to this atrocity.”

Sarah T. – “We will never forget.”

Jessica L.  – “There’s so many conflicting emotions. We grieve for those who died, yet we can’t help but be happy to be part of something bigger than us, something that will leave a mark.”

Aliza A. – “This is such an empowering experience. Being able to show the world that the nazis did not win, and that I will always be here to tell my grandparents’, as well as all the other victims’ stories, is an extremely satisfying feeling. I will never forget.”

Danielle L. – “The feeling of unity and responsibility was empowering and overall indescribable. It was amazing to feel the connection with not only other teens, but also the generations before us, and I know we will carry on the legacy that the survivors and liberators have left for us.”

Ruth Z. – “The trip affects teens in a meaningful way, they leave as teens and come back as adults, with a renewed appreciation for Israel.”

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Ode to Poland, 2019

Poem created by participants on the 2019 March of the Living

Poland, I have hope for the Jewish people here

We need to remind the world of the Holocaust

Hopeful because of the youth

A journey through history with strangers and first- hand witnesses

After a week I have enriched my understanding of Jewish history specifically the Holocaust

This week in Poland has been very eye opening. It has shown how proud I am to be a Jew and how important it is to keep the religion going

Poland was informative and very depressing

Poland showed me how lucky I am

I feel when I leave this week I have a new family and I have so many memories

This trip has been so eye-opening so far, and I’m so glad to be a part of this new family

I’ve never been prouder to be a Jew. I will cherish my grandmother so much more after learning about her past

For me this trip was about being reflective and introspective

We are empowered, proud and united

I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of such an empowering group

I will no longer let my fears that haunted me keep me from being Jewish

I am grateful for the experience that I had, the stories I heard, the childhood, safety, freedom and liberty I’ve had and still have, the friends I’ve made, and the future that I have, all because they lost and we won and we continue to have this unique Jewish spirit of life and happiness.

I am so humbled to be a part of such an amazing community. I’m in awe of the power of my people

This trip had made me feel such warmth and power being a Jew

Poland was the place where bonds were made, tears were fallen, pride of being Jewish was set in our hearts and a family was formed

Never be silent to the atrocities and destruction of people because of their religion or beliefs

The experience in Poland was amazing and meaningful

This week we celebrated sorrow to joy