Sample itinerary for 2017, *subject to change

Draft Poland Itinerary (Subject to change)

Wed April 19

Travel to Poland


Thurs April 20

Arrive in Poland

Lodz tour

Overnight- Wloclavek


Friday April 21



Shabbat services- Warsaw

Overnight- Warsaw


Sat April 22

Shabbat Services

Warsaw walking tour-

POLIN museum

Warsaw JCC


Overnight- Warsaw


Sun April 23



Dinner at JCC-Krakow

Erev Yom HaShoah

Overnight- Krakow


Monday April 24

Tour of Jewish Quarter- Krakow

March of the Living

Overnight- Tarnow


Tues. April 25


Zbylitowska Gora


Overnight – Lublin


Wed April 26


Kazimier Dolny

Depart from Warsaw

Travel to Israel


Draft Israel Itinerary (subject to change)

Thurs April 27



Graffiti Tour

Shuk HaCarmel

Rabin Square

Overnight- Jerusalem



Fri. April 28

Yad VaShem

Har Herzl

Machaneh Yehuda

Prepare for Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat- Kotel

Overnight- Jerusalem


Sat. April 29

Shabbat Services- Different shuls

Walking tour

Family Visits


Evening on Ben Yehuda



Sunday April 30

Yad L’Kashish

Old City Tour

Hezekiah’s Tunnel

911 Memorial

Erev Yom HaZiakron



Mon May 1 (Yom Hazikaron)


Water Hike

Erev Yom HaAtzmaut

Boat ride on Kinneret

Tiberias festivities

Overnight- Tiberias


Tues  May 2  (Yom HaAtzmaut)

March of the Living- Israel

March to Kotel

March of the Living Main event- Latrun

Flight to US

Recent Posts

Ode to Poland, 2017

Poem created by participants on the 2017 March of the Living

Poland was a roller coaster of emotions
Eye opening

Paradigm shifting and revengeful

We’re still here

Life changing

My eyes and heart have been opened through an amazingly journey with incredible people

Connections that will last a lifetime
Experiences that have forever shaped us

It became real when I saw the scratches on the walls of the gas chambers

My family history

The human race is baffling

A life changing experience

The best revenge is a navy Porsche


Life changing

Eye opening and insightful

United and empowering

We’re still living

A life changing experience

We triumphed

Polin here I rest. We rested for 800 years then our world was destroyed. We burn bright. We rise.

Poland is booming

My bucket list is great. Rypin #1

Beautiful country and cosmopolitan city

There is so much missing

I am a man of all weather

Eye opening experience that emphasizes the importance of being Jewish

Emotional and sobering

From sadness of the tragedies to proudness of being a Jew

Sad yet necessary. We will never forget